This is MARKERAD, the new IKEA collection for millennials

This is MARKERAD, the new IKEA collection for millennials


You thought you would never get it but there you are, With the keys of your first floor in your hand. No partners to purr your oil. Without enduring the insufferable songs of that colleague who tries to make his first steps in the trap.

The sensation is liberating, as if you were Genghis Khan on the back of his steed, ready to take the reins of your (longed for) independence.

Now, you will not pretend that domestic life is a path of roses if you move to a floor where the decoration seems taken from a film by Alfredo Landa. Man, the trip in the time machine is not taken away by anyone, but just as the days go by you just need a little bit of Valium.

The solution? A visit to IKEA and, more specifically, to MARKERAD, his new collection designed exclusively for millennials newly independent like you.

Mirror, € 149 IKEA

Without making a big investment, you can enjoy functional and very personal furniture, since the new line has been created by the prestigious creative designer Virgil Abloh, founder of the Milanese fashion brand Off-White and artistic director of the Louis Vuitton men's collections.

From simplicity and minimalism, the collection presents a series of unique pieces such as a surprisingly decorated chair with a door stop on the leg, or a rug inspired by the classic IKEA purchase tickets, which you can use as a tapestry on the wall.

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