A house in Mexico decorated for Christmas

A house in Mexico decorated for Christmas

Estefanía returns for Christmas. Last year, this faithful reader shared with us her Christmas decoration and has again pleasantly surprised us by sending us the images of her new style for these holidays. Crowns, stars, reindeer, balls (some lanterns stick this idea!), Cushions with snowflakes and the traditional tree populate the 400 square meters of this Spanish settled in a city located 25 kilometers from the capital. And, although it is very hot outside (in the images that precede these lines you can see your puppy sunbathing in the garden), its interior is so cozy that it makes you want to snuggle on the sofa and wait for it to start snowing . You know, the magic of Christmas.

Your opinion is important:

Which Christmas decoration of Estefanía do you prefer? Last year or this year.

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The lanterns full of balls have stolen our hearts.

Come in and see

Upon entering we can already perceive the Christmas spirit.


A classic that could not be missed.


Pineapples, ties and lights: everything necessary for this tree to shine with its own light.

Have a seat

Is there an armchair next to the tree?

Little animal

A reindeer of reeds adorns this corner.

Divide and conquer

The sofa delimits spaces without losing the open concept.

Christmas everywhere

Reindeer sculptures decorate the table that hides the back of the sofa

Living room

With dark painted walls that make it more intimate.

Comfort zone

Sofas in white to contrast.

We are a pineapple

Pineapples decorate the coffee table

Let's snow

Estefanía has added some cushions with snowflakes to the sofa.

Coffee table detail Stars

To decorate the handles of the entrance console.


At the door.

Family meal Christmas with children

The children's bedroom has also been decorated for the occasion.

Heat outside

The family dog ​​enjoying the sun.