11 ideas to decorate your house with succulent plants

11 ideas to decorate your house with succulent plants

Succulents are the ideal plants, so why not take advantage of them to unleash your creativity? With these ideas, your house will be pure art!

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Amethysts and other crystals have become fashionable to decorate the houses. So, why not combine them with succulents?

Between 45 and 60 euros on Etsy

Photo: Etsy Via Infinitesucculent

In a cage

A blogger used a cage vintage to create this dream hanging garden.

Get the tutorial on Hey Lucy.

Photo: Hey Lucy

Turn them into your pet

Can you think of a more original way to see your succulents grow? To make this turtle you will only need a wire basket, thinner wire and clay pots.

Get the tutorial in Gardening in the Shade.

Photo: Gardening in the Shade


There are succulents of all types and sizes. Take advantage of the smallest ones to create a seashell as beautiful as this one.

€ 15 (approx.) On Etsy

Photo: Anniesgardenandpatio

Create your message

See your succulents about a message that reminds you of the most beautiful thing in life ... Is it or isn't it wonderful?

€ 85 (approx.) On Etsy

Photo: Etsy Via Succulentwonderland

A vintage touch

Use a dummy vintage like this to create the perfect succulent skirt. Very fashion!

Get the tutorial at Mannequin Madness.

Photo: 4 Seasons Painting and Landscape Design

As centerpiece

Combine your succulents with a small wooden log to create an unforgettable centerpiece.

70 € (approx.) on Etsy

Photo: Etsy

A crown of succulents

Welcome your visitors with this crown of succulents perfect for hanging on the door.

€ 40 (approx.) On Etsy

Photo: Terracottacornerfl

A hanging ball

An ideal way to teach your succulents in a creative way is by making these balls that you can hang wherever you want.

Get the kit for 20 € (approx.) on Etsy

Photo: Slogrowers

The most natural picture

And if we told you that you can create your own gallery of pictures with succulents? You will only need a water spray to water your vertical garden!

Get the tutorial at Rolling Greens Nursery.

Photo: Rolling Greens Nursery


Do you have empty wine bottles? Well, you can use them with these hanging pots for your succulents.

€ 20 (approx.) On Etsy

Photo: Etsy

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