We tell you how to take care of your pet in a sustainable way

We tell you how to take care of your pet in a sustainable way

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More and more people decide to share their life with a pet. Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, parrots, parakeets ... Everyone is welcome! But then what is the problem?

That the almost 800 million pets that inhabit our planet also leave their mark on the environment, and that is why it is essential to bet on sustainable care that reduce it to the maximum.

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Balls, ropes or stuffed animals, opting for this type of toys instead of the new electronic devices helps reduce energy consumption.

There are also second-hand stores that sell toys and accessories for pets. You can even make them at home, reusing obsolete objects such as old socks or torn jeans.

How? You just have to cut the bottom of the jeans, roll them up and make them a knot. You can also do the same with socks.

For cats it is even easier, virtually any object that rolls or makes noise will get your attention and entertain you.

Do it for them! Toys that stimulate the mind of pets

From organic food to chemical-free shampoos, through stainless steel feeders and drinking troughs, there are brands with ranges of organic products that help reduce the environmental impact.

Organic food for dogs

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Cat litter contains chemicals that are harmful for the planet and, in the long run, they are also toxic to cats. Instead, you can buy organic gravel, bamboo, pine or corn seeds.

Dogs are not far behind, as there are biodegradable bags to collect their droppings. Clean & Green Cellulose Sanicat toilet bed 6,68 € Buy Giphy

Adopting a pet from a shelter allows for more food, toys, medical and personal care to help other animals in need. In addition, it also prevents the spread of diseases in kennels and even stray dogs. Enough reasons, don't you think?

A new member in the family Adopt a dog! 🐶 Giphy

Going to the vet, running errands, going to the park ... these are activities that you can do by taking a walk with your dog or even riding a bike. In fact, if you have a mini-sized pet, you can carry it in the basket!

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