Two solutions that will help you save

Two solutions that will help you save

Not only good gestures nourishes the thrill. Turn off the lights, find the best price in each supermarket, plant your own vegetables in an urban garden or control tap water sometimes, it is not enough.

To keep the commitment to saving from day 1 to 31, there are some tricks that may help you achieve it.

Fintonic, for example, is the application with which you will know at all times what is happening with your money. A duplicate movement, an expense that has gone beyond thread, when a joy comes into your account ...

You can even mark spending caps and the app will notify you every time you cross the threshold. A little Jiminy Cricket on your mobile that you will appreciate at the end of the month.

If the new technologies are not yours, bet on the old-fashioned solutions: with paper and pen.

Of course, progress is also noticeable. Join the #Kakebo movement. This booklet is around 20 euros and is the Japanese method of saving with which you can manage to the last cent. It helps you to reflect on what you consume, what you spend and, ultimately, what makes you happier. A perfect home account organizer to keep you at bay.