Apples, the perfect fruit

Apples, the perfect fruit

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There are more than enough reasons to consume fruit. Today we focus the attention on the apple, which although it does not stand out for its high vitamin content, has many other health benefits. Buy them and keep them always at hand, they are very resistant and take time to break down.

Why should we consume it?

1. It has a high water content so it hydrates us.

2. The skin of the apple has pectin, a type of fiber that protects the intestinal mucosa. So wash it well and don't peel it.

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3. It has a high potassium content, so it reduces blood pressure and is also diuretic, so it helps to eliminate fluids.

4. The apple prevents cardiovascular problems.

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5. It has many antioxidants, although it depends on the variety you will find them to a greater or lesser extent. The red apple is one of the most antioxidants.

6. Sate. If you take an apple before lunch or dinner, it will prevent us from getting too hungry and anxious to the table.

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