On the road: Let's go glamping

On the road: Let's go glamping


- The glamping It is a trend in eco-tourism too. The diversity of accommodation is incredible: houses in trees, caravans and trailers restored, jaimas, lodges ... In all, the spirit of camping is present, but without neglecting the style, comforts and a wide range of outdoor activities.

- Recreate a glamping In your garden it's easy. Fundamental, think about what provides comfort and add an extra dose of sophistication. Comfortable furniture, eco pieces and details that are luxe in the field, such as glass cups and good crockery. Ah! and cover the floor with one or more carpets. Braided fiber, suitable for outdoors, are trending.

- If you want to try a vacation glamping, Search the Internet, where there is a wide variety of accommodations. For example, enter the web of Casa de Laila, in Alhaurín El Grande, Málaga, and you will see in his photographs that it has little to do with the traditional camping. There are no tents, but five large tents, and there are no sleeping bags or mats, but comfortable beds and pillows. Of course, with good shade, surrounded by fruit trees, overlooking the Sierra de las Nieves on the horizon, pool, hammock, kitchen, wifi ...

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This old caravan of the 70s is aimed at glamping to give a retro air to the environment. Restored by the Mateycia studio, with its degraded blue tones and the festive air that it acquires with the pennants, it is a photocall in the countryside, the most original. In its wake, a multicolored and cheerful corner has been set up. In the old chairs, recovered with paint, cushions, by Cath Kidston, where the cups, the tablecloth and the apron also come from. Pennants, from Under the Tree. On the stairs of the caravan, carpet, of Zara Home.

Do you know where this caravan is parked? In the gardens of El Oh! Telito, a family chalet in the Madrid town of Cercedilla, with swimming pool, barbecue and individual apartments, which is rented for weekends, holidays and events.

Recycled corner

One of the surprises of El Oh! Telito is the original environments, where any element taken from its context is reused. In the glamping, contact with nature and the eco mentality prevails ... Here, a recycled scaffold with multi-colored paints frames a seating area, with disparate and flirty seats. Fabrics and cushions, by Gastón and Daniela. The armchair is an exclusive design by Mara Matey.

Creativity can make recycled furniture give a chic air to an environment glamping. This scaffolding, with a mix of colors, has been decorated with a Chinese umbrella in the corner, a toned garland and a pot with flowers, but there are many options: balloons, lanterns, pompoms ...

Eat fresh

Unmatched, the shade offered by trees planted by other generations, such as those in the stone dining room of El Oh! Telito. But there are other options: pergolas, gazebos and lattices with pretty climbers, or shade candles and steamy curtains. Search in garden and DIY centers.

Friends & family
Meals and celebrations around a stone table ... Yesterday's customs recover, but the stage is redecorated with details trendy. The banks become softer with cushions that mix colors and chic upholstery. Cushions and tablecloth, by Gastón and Daniela. Pennants, from Under the Tree. Orange bag, blue rooster, lady juana with flowers and white cover, from EsteOeste.

Better than home

Comfort and nature are not at odds. In the glamping, well-being is a must. It seeks tranquility and peace. In a retro chic air seating area with bursts of color, it's easier to feel good. Antique sofa reupholstered with strawberry fabric, by Designers Guild, in Usera Usera. Cushions, by Gastón and Daniela. Cups by Cath Kidston. Table and coat rack, recovered.

Free time

One day, or more, where the clock and schedules do not exist. You can only enjoy what you want most. A tour of the countryside by bike or a walk feels great. Upholstery Texas, of the firm Manuel Canovas, for sale in Gastón and Daniela. Insects, by the sculptor Antonio Barba.

Outdoor cooking

The culinary proposals of this type of accommodation will also surprise you. Forget about the typical barbecue concept!
In the photograph: utensils, by Rice.

wild flowers

The charming details, which seem improvised, define the glamping. The simplicity and naturalness of this floral arrangement, sheltered in the wheel of the caravan, is a surprise element, like so many that this accent trend gives us country-chic The stool-ladder Bekwäm, painted in light green to change your look,
and the accessories are from Ikea.

Tarteras practices

That does not unravel any detail: the food to take better in an ideal pan.
This is from Cath Kidston and includes plastic cutlery (€ 10).