A house in Ibiza to live an eternal vacation

A house in Ibiza to live an eternal vacation

Lupe Clemente

Located on the Pitiusa island of Ibiza, this apartment was acquired by its current owners as a second home, to enjoy the summer months there and rent it the rest of the year. Therefore, the owners decided to carry out some conditioning works to adapt it to their tastes and needs.

Both the partial reform and the choice of furniture was carried out by Ana, from the Hermanas Bolena architecture and interior design studio ( in whose project they put "soul, heart and life".

The first step was to paint it in matte white to enhance its luminosity. As the distribution of the house was optimal, it was not modified: the entrance with a tiny lobby gives way to an elongated room that was divided into two rooms: dining room and living room. The latter leads to a terrace with views lateral to the sea. Two doors leave the hall, one communicates with the small kitchen, with clothesline included, and the other door leads to the two bedrooms and the bathrooms.

It was precisely in these rooms where more changes were made. In the rooms, it he papered the headwaters area of the beds, and the bathrooms were tiled with porcelain tile and were completed with work furniture. This was followed by the painting of the doors in white, a new electrical installation, exterior carpentry with electric system in the blinds, centralized air conditioning and polishing the marble floor. After completing all these improvements, he went to the most fun stage: furnish and decorate the house. In this sense, Ana wanted to flee from the classic Ibizan interior design starring Buddhas and other Zen stereotypes; Therefore, he was inspired by the entire typical color gamut of the Mediterranean: green, blue, sand or yellow. As for the decoration, pieces vintage that recreate the 50s coexist in harmony with other more current, such as lamps, without forgetting the echo touch that plants and flowers put. All chosen to feel comfortable, really at home.

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Marble is a noble material that conveys a feeling of spaciousness since its installation, without joints, simulates a continuous surface. Being a porous material, it quickly absorbs liquids and is sensitive to any acid, so it is important to clean with soap and water and dry immediately.

1. Focal point
Upon entering the house, the eyes inevitably turn to the impressive ceiling lamp that hangs over the dining room. This glass model has wanted to give prominence in the tiny hall, with a frameless mirror as the only decoration. In the background, you can see being. Chandelier, by Maisons du Monde.

2. A ray of sunshine
The high temperature of the exterior of this house, with a marked holiday character, is perceived in a more tenuous way inside thanks to the coatings and the choice of white color. A vintage wink: the sun mirror, a piece that was fashionable in the sixties and now returns strongly. Golden Mirror of

3. Sofa of contrasts
The Nordic style prevails in the living room, formed by a sofa attached to the wall whose stone tone has been energized with cushions in full color, plain or patterned. In front of him, a coffee table, in gold and crystal, rests on a carpet. Sofa, from El Corte Inglés. Cushions: raspberry and floral, upholstery; model Chevron, from Leroy Merlin. Rattan poufs, from local basketry. Carpet by Zara Home.

Blank dining room Lupe Clemente

The mythical chairs Tulip Futuristic style, which was all the rage in the late 50s, stand out, with the matching table, in this dining room in pure white. Glassware and chair cushions are responsible for putting the color note. Table and chairs Tulip, in Crockery, cups, cutlery and tablecloths, Zara Home.

A terrace with views

The living room culminates in a balcony that communicates with a charming terrace on which a teak table flanked by two Phantom chairs, in mustard yellow, was arranged. On them rest some cushions of tropical print. On the ground, clay planters house two imposing cacti. Cushions, from Zara Home. Cactus, from Eiviss Garden.

50's wrap armchair

An enveloping armchair from the 50s is the piece chosen to delimit the dining room and the living room. On both sides of the sofa, low tables of golden and crystal structure were arranged, matching the coffee table.

On them rest a cheerful table lamp and a leafy bouquet of flowers. Wing chair Strandmon, from Ikea. Low tables and coffee table, for sale in the Lola Derek online store.

Film session
In front of the sofa the audiovisual area was located, with a flat screen fixed to the wall to gain space. Under the TV, a natural fiber chest of drawers is thus completely cleared.
Wicker furniture acquired in a basketry on the island.

Design console

A console design similar to the previous tables stood in front of the armchair. On both sides, French-style XL vases hold impressive kentias. On the wall, a solidarity photograph of a greyhound, the work of Ale Megale. Console, by Lola Derek. Plants, from Eiviss Garden.

Crystal paneling

After the bar, a paneled glass was installed in taupe to expand the space. On the front
of the countertop, an identical panel facilitates cleaning. Lighting LEDs were placed under the upper cabinets and lower drawers. The back door opens onto the terrace with clothesline that houses the washer / dryer.

In parallel
The dining room communicates with the kitchen, whose elongated floor conditioned the distribution of its furniture. To one side were arranged sink and hob. The cabinets and drawers are manufactured in Formica with a glossy finish. The countertop is the model White Zeusfrom Silestone.

Appliances, in column
In line with the breakfast bar, microwave and oven share column and then the refrigerator was located, which is also embedded. With this excellent solution it was possible to achieve the necessary breadth without giving up any element.

A breakfast bar

It replaces the traditional office, for a larger number of diners, but it is very practical for breakfast or lunch daily. High table, copper stools, ceiling lamp, metal letters and utensils; everything, for sale in Maisons du Monde.

Coatings in pastel colors

In this bedroom the headboard wall was papered with a floral print in soft tones that draws attention. The remaining walls were lacquered in matt white that covers the entire house. A built-in wardrobe with sliding doors was created next to the bed to avoid hindering its opening. Wallpaper, from the Swedish firm Boråstapeter (

Two beds together ... or separated
Two 90 cm bed bases were placed in principle together, but with the option to separate them, if necessary. Thus, you can have a double bed or two single beds, to the taste of the guests. On the pillows rest two cushions in white and two in a cheerful coral tone, matching the wallpaper.

A classic style headboard

If all eyes are directed first to the paper, then they are recreated in the wonderful headboard with tuft that crowns the bed. This is flanked, on both sides, by two wall sconces. A couple of tables with wooden tray and brass legs serve as bedside tables. Headboard Comtesse, from Maisons du Monde. Wood sconces, from Side tables, from Zara Home.

Bathroom with shower

Next to the bedroom there is a small bathroom with exempt sink, glazed shower and toilet, opposite.

Under the counter were placed auxiliary furniture that lighten the space and put a female note with a mirror with carved frame. Towels, from H&M Home. Mirror and accessories, from Zara Home.

Ceiling cage lamps

Instead of the classic sconces, two original ceiling cage lamps were arranged on both sides of the bed. Each, with its individual switch.

The electric system of the blinds allows you to lower and raise them with control without having to join. Lamps, by Lola Derek.

Relaxing print
As in the other bedroom, the wall of the bed was covered with a wonderful paper stamped in hedge green that invites to calm and relaxation. Its success was absolute, so it was decided to give it all the prominence, hence, as a headboard a simple design in natural fiber was chosen. Wallpaper pattern Willow leafby Laura Ashley.

Special tables

On both sides of the double bed were placed side tables of golden structure and glass on a table, whose light design reminds of the living room.

On the floor, a straw basket is used to deposit the cushions when bedtime comes. Bedside tables, bedding, plaid in mustard and basket tone, from Zara Home. On the bed, cushions, by Maisons du Monde and H&M Home.

Semi-enclosed bathtub

Next to the master bedroom, there is a corresponding bathroom, which is wider than the previous one. Therefore, it was decided to install a glass-enclosed bathtub with half screen. In the center, and outside, a long shooter serves as a towel rail. Sanitary ware, from Roca.

Vinyl Option
The wall to the right of the main bathroom pleasantly surprises us, since it has been covered with a turquoise blue vinyl paper, geometric print. The rest of the walls were tiled with a porcelain tile that mimics the marble. Vinyl paper for humid environments, by Leroy Merlin.

A charming mirror

A worktop was built on which the exempt washbasin rests. Under it, furniture with tray lighten the space. On the wall there is a golden mirror with a shelf that, although not specific to the bathroom, was placed here at the express desire of the interior designer. Mirror, by Lola Derek. Towels, from H&M Home. Accessories, from Zara Home.

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