Decorate with houseplants

Decorate with houseplants

No need to fill your living room or pot aisle, play decorate with houseplants It also happens by choosing small dry branches, bouquets of three or four flowers or green nature, without more decorations. The key? The containers and the way to combine them.

For example, you can choose to create a beautiful composition of blown glass vases or metal next to some wicker baskets in which to include green leafy plants (like the famous "money plant", perfect to be indoors during the winter in a well-lit area) or some dry branches.

And speaking of dry branches, why not dry that bouquet of flowers so beautiful that they gave you fresh flowers? When it starts to dry, leave it in a dark, cool and dry place. After a couple of weeks, place it in a beautiful glass vase and put it in the chair of a column of books, magazines or as a nice centerpiece.

You can also decorate through loose leaves that you will have to replace as they dry. Place them like the mythical rose in the Disney movie of Beauty and the Beast, in transparent cheese coquettes that show all their natural charm.

Flower bouquets are always the best option. You can replace them to your liking whenever you want. On a side table, next to a large candle, place it in a large transparent vase. You can decorate the vases with sackcloth, linen ribbons, lace or jute rope. You will give an extra autumnal touch to the atmosphere. And it is perfect!