The rustic-chic comes to the bathrooms!

The rustic-chic comes to the bathrooms!

If you want to give your home a rustic-chic touch, why don't you start with the bathroom? Stone, wood, white colors ... We show you several ideas for you to find your style!

Advertising - Keep reading below A countertop with rustic essence

The wooden countertop is perfect to get the rustic touch, and if you add a couple of wicker baskets on top, goal accomplished!

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Stone wall

There is nothing that reminds more of a country house than a stone wall ...

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Barn door

Barn type doors are the ultimate for a rustic environment. This dark wood is elegant and also, being sliding saves space. All are advantages!

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Wood protagonist

IKEA presents its most natural proposal with this bathroom where wood is the protagonist. Shelf, towel rack, towel holder and even a toothbrush holder!

You can buy it at IKEA.

Photo: IKEA

In white

Another option of IKEA with the same towel rack as in the previous photo, but with a different shelf. All this in a white and superluminous bathroom.

You can buy it at IKEA.

Photo: IKEA

With great care

A wooden table with a clean white sink. A mirror with a forge frame. A strategically placed wicker basket. A vase with flowers. Golden Details Is something missing to be perfect?

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Fireplace included

If you are lucky enough to have a stone house with a fireplace, you already have part of the work done. This bathroom, in addition to large is bright, and the floor next to the sink gives the final point to a rustic and very chic decoration.

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With mosaic floor

How nice! Apart from the floor, the wooden table on which the sink rests and the racking made with beams, are as rustic as ideal. That without forgetting the detail of the basket ...

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Overlooking the forest

If they told you that you can take a bath overlooking the forest, what would you say?

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The golden touch

In addition to the wooden staircase, the lamps with golden wires are the jewel of this rustic-chic-inspired bathroom.

Instagram: Anne Carr Design


White against wood, this is the bathroom with two symmetrical sinks, as harmonious as bright.

Instagram: Inspire Me Design

Details that count

Wood and golden details create an elegant and bright bathroom, seasoned by an impact mirror.

Instagram: Eu Decoração Blog

Charming sink

The keys to this bathroom? The wooden table where two sinks are supported, the basket and the circular carpet. And the plant that is not missing!

Instagram: Laura Epitome Styling

Solid pine

The natural variations of the grain make each piece of furniture in this bathroom a unique piece.

You can buy it at IKEA.

Photo: IKEA

Small and rustic

Another idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčIKEA with furniture of the same line but this time in a small bathroom. The floor is perfect!

You can buy it at IKEA.

Photo: IKEA

Rustic and luxurious

In addition to the barn-type door, this chic bathroom looks like the stone wall and the wooden countertop.

Instagram: Villa Decor Style

Chic pink

The bathroom becomes feminine and sweet with these pink drawers that hold the sink. All this in a bright space of inspiration vintage. Ideal!

Instagram: Aliaga Banys Bcn

The most natural countertop

Wooden and with natural lines. Together with the lower shelf and the two baskets, rustic-chic bathroom got!

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Gothic inspiration

White, gold and a gothic-inspired mirror for a bathroom with airs vintage.

Instagram: Wood Finds

Forge and wood

Black forging in combination with wood, creates a more rustic environment without losing elegance.

Instagram: Vmax Homes