Could this be the apartment you have always dreamed of?

Could this be the apartment you have always dreamed of?

Amy Barkow

When the family grows ... so must the house! At least, as long as you are as lucky as the owners of this fabulous apartment in Brooklyn. After ten years without reforms in sight, this couple with two children decided that it was time to renew the airs of their home and make the most of the available meters. And thanks to the BAAO Architects team, they got it. Do you accompany us to see the result? They started transforming the basement into a family room Perfect for watching movies and resting, a recreation room designed for all family members. This space is accessed by the new staircase, completely renovated and one of the key points when creating this new space. The room was decorated with a sofa with footrest, a built-in TV, and a cabinet with shelves in white that brings light.

For its part, the plant in the common areas was completely redistributed creating an open and fluid space that connects different environments and unifies the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and a small office.

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Amy Barkow The countertops throughout the kitchen are marble, and the wood of the floor is the same as that used in the ceiling. Amy Barkow The wooden roof is used as a dividing element. Amy Barkow The color details fill a room that is already bright. Amy Barkow

The private area of ​​the apartment was redesigned along a wide wall painted in dark grayish blue.

At the entrance, a mudroom protects the coats, shoes and backpacks of the whole family. Amy Barkow
The master bedroom now houses a bathroom with a shower where floor, ceiling and walls have been lined with mini tiles in a range of blues.
Amy Barkow Take note Your bathroom asks for a shower of work ... And you know it Amy Barkow

The children's bathroom has a French-style screen which separates the bathtub from the rest of the room, completely decorated in black and white.

Nemo tiles and washbasin cabinet by Furniture Guild. Amy Barkow

To create a new look in his bedroom, the walls were painted in a soft lilac and a beautiful reading corner was conceived in the window.

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