10 cabins to feel like one of the protagonists of 'The Call'

10 cabins to feel like one of the protagonists of 'The Call'

Well, no, to become one of the protagonists of The call (The musical film directed by 'Los Javis' Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo that has revolutionized cinemas) and live your own mystical experience, you do not have to travel to Segovia or spend the holidays in a Christian camp ...

You just need to stay in one of these cabins! You accompany us to see them?

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A cabin in the woods can be very chic, you just have to decorate it like this!

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Whenever we think of a cabin we imagine a lush forest in the mountains ... But this beach version with an outdoor hammock is simply a dream!

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Wake up in a garden

Can you imagine sleeping in a cabin that literally opens up to a garden in the middle of the Netherlands? Define it as bucolic falls short ... If there are even chickens!

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In the snow

To enjoy the winter in conditions, nothing better than a cabin in the snow! Mystical experiences do not know if you will have, but surely you see the Bigfoot

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With infinity views

If you like heights and vertigo does not stalk you ... this cabin overlooking the mountains is what you need ... to have a conversation with God!

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If you have always dreamed of traveling to one of the most paradisiacal islands in the world, this cabin in the middle of a Hawaiian forest is perfect to make it happen!

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Fairy tale

Infinite trees, flowers of a thousand colors, space, calm, relax ... This is paradise, right?

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Ancestral stone

Located in the limit of the natural reserve of Collados del Asón, in the heart of Cantabria, this stone cabin will transport you directly to the time of your ancestors!

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Classic and luxurious

The classic cabin with a gable roof is reinvented with a rustic luxury interior ... Enter and see, you will not want to get out of there!

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In front of a lake

Is there anything more cinematic than a cabin facing a lake? Normally it's about horror movies, but we're not going to get sinister ...

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