Where would you live if you were rich?

Where would you live if you were rich?

Sea, mountain, city ... You can start thinking about your favorite environment, and from there ... you only have to choose! And is that one of the (many) advantages of being rich is just that, that you can travel whenever you want, wherever you want!

Advertising - Keep reading below In a riad

It doesn't look bad, huh? And is that living in a riad is like spending an eternal vacation ...

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In a design floor

Are you urban Well, this design apartment in the middle of Copenhagen bears your name!

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In a pool among orange trees

We are not saying that you live in the water (unless you have Nemo complex), but a little house with such a bucolic wonder you sure like ...

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In a luxury boat

Like Julio Verne, around the world in ... the days you choose!

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In a little house in front of a pond

If you want to live in a story, this is the best option, because there is nothing more beautiful than a little house in the middle of a forest ... with a pond and ducks included!

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In a French style apartment

You will only need a little box of macarons, and enjoy Parisian life!

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In a tree

Specifically, in a tree house. You imagine? It would be the perfect way to fulfill your childhood dream!

In an attic overlooking Central Park

In the middle of New York, the ideal place to enjoy the frenzy of the big city ... with a lot of glamor!

In an exotic destination

Like for example, Thailand. A little house with a pool among exotic trees ... Sounds good!

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In a house in the mountains

But luxury, of course! Come on, I wouldn't relax taking a bath in this paradise with views of the snowy mountains ...

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