4 kitchens that succeed on Pinterest and that you will know… now!

4 kitchens that succeed on Pinterest and that you will know… now!

Would you like to design a kitchen to your liking? Well A small search on Pinterest can help you find the inspiration you need, and with more than 20 million ideas on decoration stored every month in the United Kingdom, it is not surprising that kitchens are one of the most successful categories in the social network.

For this reason, B&Q and Pinterest, analyzed the searches and pins of users last year. The results? Surprising ...

1. Unicorn inspired designs

Unicorns were one of the great trends of 2017, and now they have reached the kitchens of the United Kingdom! Searches related to pastel shades, bright white and golden touches, triumphed on boards such as "pink kitchen accessories" (234%), "pink paint" (120%), "pink white cabinets" (262%) and "golden accessories for kitchens "(235%).

"The fashion of unicorns has reached the kitchens," says Mike Lavers of B&Q. "The British have taken over the trend and are transforming it into glowing paints, bright tiles, and accessories such as colored candle holders to add more brightness. During 2018, we expect more people to join to experiment with this range of shades, since choose furniture that stands out to rejuvenate your kitchens. "

2. Moroccan touches

If you want your kitchen to stand out, add Moroccan prints! According to Pinterest, searches and pins on this trend have reached a rise of 128%, especially "Moroccan tiles" (+ 71%) and "Moroccan tile backgrounds" (+ 66%).

"The designs of international environments will inspire very striking color palettes during 2018," says Mike. "Mosaic wallpapers and tiled floors will be a success, as will other Moroccan trends, such as wooden countertops or golden and hanging lamps."

3. Back to the natural

There are many consumers who have begun to worry about the environmental factor when choosing their kitchen. The commitment to sustainability and "eco" kitchens is in vogue, and the searches related to the latter have reached 164% success on Pinterest. But in addition, searches and pins on "organic materials" have risen 139%, and triumph especially in countertops and cupboards. In fact, B&Q have noticed an increase in sales of walnut countertops, cement tiles and bamboo lamps.

4. Metallic details

The fame of the metal continues to increase while creating ultra-modern kitchens and full of luxury in its path ... How? Well, with bright ceramic tiles, designer lamps, luminous paints and metallic plugs.

The data confirm it: there has been a 235% increase in searches and pins on "golden accessories for kitchens", 187% on "golden knobs for cabinets", and 59% on "golden faucets".

Photos: Courtesy of B&Q

Via: Country Living UK