Cheap & Chic Hotel

Cheap & Chic Hotel

Under the tempting premise Cheap & Chic, which gives its name to this Menorcan hotel, encompasses a curious concept of accommodation far removed from the proposals in series. His philosophy is similar to the current of slowlife where the calm cousin and flees from artifice in the search for a more authentic stay, away from the crowds, and that offers the opportunity to enjoy the true Balearic essence.

Look where you look here everything is special; its location already falls in love from the outside, in a traditional Menorcan dwelling in the old town of Ciutadella; Fascinating maze of alleys where to get lost. The rehabilitated interiors show today seven spaces in a minimalist, modern and refreshing key, in line with current trends, which underpin this newly released young project.

As it shows your face more chic the interior design of all the rooms stands out for its characteristic elegance; The choice of quality furniture with a predominance of white in its finishes triumphs over the natural wood floors and whitewashed walls that enhance the incredible luminosity that bathes every corner without exception. They are spaces between 20 and 36 m2 designed to go as a couple or in company, since both the junior suite and the master suite are designed to comfortably accommodate 4 people. A very appealing plan that invites you to enjoy this island so close to paradise; Dream coves and turquoise blue waters. Who can resist?


Menorca is an island to travel completely. It is recommended to rent a car and know the many beaches of its coast. Another very appealing option is to rent a boat, with or without skipper, that allows us to know the Menorcan coves from another point of view, bathe away from the crowded areas and dive in otherwise inaccessible places.

Those hiking lovers You will find on the Balearic island an authentic paradise with numerous routes of great beauty that cover both areas of its beautiful coast and the heart of the island. The same happens with bicycle touring, the short distances and the few slopes of the terrain offer an ideal environment for cycling.

Address: Street of Sant Jeroni 10, in Ciutadella, Menorca.
Phone: 635 236 587
E-mail: [email protected]

Rooms: It has seven double rooms, junior suite and suite, with dimensions ranging from 20 to 36 m2. Its complete equipment includes LCD flat screen televisions with satellite antenna, USB connection, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and hairdryer. Prices are from € 60 for the double room during the low season.

Advertising - Keep reading below A suite in the attic

The hotel suite offers 36 m2 conceived as a spacious attic loft. Organized in three interconnected environments, it exhibits exposed beams on the ceiling and a design inspired by the rustic chic style.

Special corners

The small, open-air spaces become the ideal areas for disconnection. A terrace, a small patio, the roof ... The sun and fresh air sneak into the hotel as part of the decoration itself.

The hotel reform

The traditional stairs of the house were rehabilitated with great success. Now they are erected, in black and white, as the central decorative element of the building. Its attractive landings host flirty corners in which to sit and chat.

Charming bedrooms

The predominant base of all rooms is white, both in walls and in the finishing of furniture. In addition to increasing brightness, it is the perfect background for color details.

White lighting

The wooden countertops that preside over the bathrooms stand out over the white walls and toilets

Color on the walls

The paintings of Menorcan artists that proliferate throughout the hotel are magnificent. Accompanied by chairs and designer poufs, full-color lamps and vividly printed pillows, they put a very personal alternative note.

Corridors with touches of color

With names related to the elements of the area, each room, hallway and distributor houses colorful paintings, the work of the most outstanding artists of Menorca.

The names of the rooms

A decision that reinforces the face more chic and bohemian hotel, in a clear yearning to show the existence of other great treasures on the island and awaken in the visitors the admiration for the native of such a unique place.

Designer furniture

Typical characteristics of the area coexist beautifully with furniture of marked design. A permanent contrast that enriches your presence and brings harmony and balance to the decorative ensemble.